I have no interest in giving up my business cards…

It seems like every few months I hear another person talking about how business cards are “so yesterday” or read another article on how a new technology has replaced our need for those little pieces of printed card stock so ubiquitous in our pockets and bags.

Let’s cut to the chase: I have no interest in giving up my business cards.

I don’t care what your new technology looks like, how it works or that it will somehow make me look so very much hipper while delivering my business identity to another oh so hip business contact.

I have no interest in giving up my business cards, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s a level of commitment. By exchanging business cards with you, I am expressing an interest – a commitment to learning more about who you are and what you do. A colleague recently met with a prospect who said he was “all out of business cards.” After a positive conversation, however, the prospect reached into his pocket, handed my colleague his business card and suggested a follow-up conversation. He committed.

It’s personal. I can send my V-card to anyone from any electronic device. When we exchange business cards, however, we are face to face. I can look you in the eye and shake your hand. I can get a feel for what you are about and you about me.  We know at least a little more about each other once we’ve exchanged business cards.

There is always a follow-up action. When you and I exchange business cards, we commit to a secondary action.  If I transcribe your information into my Outlook, I’ve made a conscious decision to know you and, perhaps, see value in our relationship.  You’ve similarly taken action if you choose to promptly throw my card in the “round file” and never think of me again. Even if I add your card to the pile that I absent mindedly flip through a few times per year, I will give additional thought to who you are and what you do – and why I still have your card.

I like my business cards.  No apologies. I do like them.  Mine are black and white, and minimalist. They don’t tell my life story, but deliver the information needed for an initial business conversation. And I recently switched to a new design – tiny little cards with an even sharper focus on the essentials. Other people like them, too.  I keep them in the left flap pocket of my suit jacket. The inside pocket of my overcoat. A small spot in my briefcase. A couple of “last resort” cards in my wallet.  A business card is almost always at my fingertips.

No, I have no interest in giving up my business cards.  I’m happy to exchange cards with you, shake your hand and talk a little business.

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