Public Relations Agency is Smart Partner for VC Firms

Over the past 20+ years, our firm has established incredibly successful relationships with venture capital and private equity firms that understand the value of working with an experienced public relations agency.  It’s a trend we are seeing more of as VC firms seek new strategies for ensuring the growth of their portfolio companies in increasingly competitive markets.


These days, in addition to becoming part of the management team, more and more VC execs are equipping their companies with solid PR representation.  The reasons are many, including benefits for both the VC firm and the companies in which they invest:


Expertise for non-marketers.  Start-up companies, frequently funded and developed by VC firms, are great at providing their products and services, but not typically adept at strategic marketing.  An experienced PR firm can help those companies better define their offerings, craft meaningful messaging, stand out from their competitors and deliver positive visibility in ways that drive growth.


Access to senior consultants.  Start-ups can seldom justify full-time communications staffing, while the right PR agency can provide the right mix of senior level expertise that would otherwise be out of reach, plus and arms-and-legs for minute-to-minute support.


Depth of industry knowledge.  Many VC firms invest in companies within similar or complimentary industry segments.  The right PR firm can come equipped with industry-specific knowledge or quickly develop industry contacts and understanding to better benefit multiple portfolio companies.


Operational flexibility.  The PR firm that represents multiple portfolio companies can offer greater flexibility to meet the changing needs of those fast moving companies.  We can adjust our time or re-focus resources, for example, if one company has a big product launch, important trade show or other priority.  We also have greater flexibility to help with your smaller investment companies, which might otherwise be too small for us to represent individually.


Cost efficiencies.   This is simple.  When we represent several portfolio companies for a VC or private equity firm, there are economies of scale that enable us to be more competitive in terms of retainers or hourly rates.


Everybody wins.  Our VC firm partners and clients tell us that our unique relationship is good for their investment companies and, collectively, for the long-term health and growth of their portfolios.


It’s a smart partnership.


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